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About EXPOTECH 2018

The way people connect, communicate, engage and discover is carrying great implications for businesses. It’s not so much that technology indeed is part of almost everything in our daily lives. We are living in an era where technology and society are rapidly evolving and people perceptions’ and behaviors’ are constantly changing.

This in turn, sets a new era of leadership and a new generation of business models. Some forward-looking companies in the information and communication technology sectors are investing in digital technology and transformation, where IT is the driving force for how businesses can effectively run, manage and grow their companies.

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Why attending EXPOTECH?

  • .Build and strengthen relationships between public & private sectors.
  • .Establish greater returns through investment in exhibition and conference opportunities.
  • .Integrate your full potential as you promote your business products & services.
  • .Expand your brand reach across boundaries in one easy step: Expo Tech Talks.
  • .Take your business to the next level through open dialogue with ICT experts.

Advocacy at EXPOTECH

Building a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem depends heavily on business leaders, policy makers and regulators by working together to pursue mutual beneficial objectives. They must fully understand the role that ICT is playing in such an increasingly dynamic digital economy. Expotech is playing a part in facilitating the private-public sector partnership in order to address major trends and challenges in the tech industry sectors for the greater good. It advocates digital policies and regulatory frameworks, that were once designed to serve the less dynamic and uncertain environment, to be redesigned to encourage innovation and investment for the long-term.


3 competition & digital contests. 50,000 visitors, the biggest number in the Expotech history.
15 technology seminars. 61 participating exhibitors including start-ups.
3-day exhibition in Gaza & 2 in Ramallah. 800 local & international key figures of the ICT sector in Palestine.

Trendy Topics

Towards a BETTER FUTURE, this year’s Expotech will focus on the following topics

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