Managing Ceremony:
Ahmed Al-kariri

9:00- 9:30

Welcome and Registration


Plenary Session Orientation and Welcoming


  • Eng. Ashraf AlYazouri - Board Member
  • Mr. Ibrahim Abu Alnaja, President's Representative


Symposium 1: Palestine’s Digital Imperatives Digital Transformation, A Bipolar Impact for The Private And Public Sectors.


  • Eng. Basel Qandeel, Director of  The Business and Technology Incubator (BTI)


  • Eng. Mohammed AbuNahla, Regional Manager at Paltel- Gaza
  • ُEng. Haitham Abushaban, Chief Commercial Officer at Ooredoo
  • Eng.Suhail Mdoukh, Deputy Minister of The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
  • Dr.Khloud Elbatsh, Dean of Computer Science and Information Technology Faculty at Gaza University
  • Dr.Khaled AbuHasna- Chief Executive Officer at Fusion for Internet and Telecommunication System
  • Mr. Ali Abu Kmail, Senior Private Sector Specialist Middle East and North Africa


Name of the Symposium: The Fusion and the Coalition of the Financial Sector into the ICT Sector

The Future of FinTech and Catapulting this Sector towards Success.


  • Eng. Ashraf Al-Astal, Founder and Managing Director, 1plus1 Business Consulting


  • Dr.Seif Aldeen Ouda, Head of The Monetary Policy and Financial Markets At The Monetary Auth.
  • Mr.Abdel Al-Fatah Al-Shorafa, Commercial Manager-Jawwal
  • Eng.Hadi Qussa, Assistant General Manager & IT Manager – PalPay
  • Dr.Kamal Almasri, Director of Smart Government Department
  • Eng. Hammam Alnabahin, PITA board Members and CEO of Nepras for Media&IT


Break and Lunch


Name of the Symposium: The Internet of Things and its impact on the development of Palestinian’s public and private sectors


  • Eng.Yousef Elhallaq, Startup Investment Readiness Program Officer at Gaza Sky Geeks


  • Dr.Mohammed Abdulati, Prof. at Electrical Engineering Department - IUG.
  • Dr.Mohammed Alastal, Director of Business Intelligence and Decision Support Unit Chairman
  • Dr.Iyad Al-Agha, Associate Professor, Faculty of Information Technology, at Islamic University
  • Eng.Ahmed  Shaat, Mayor of Qarara
  • Dr. Ahmed Abu Jbara, The Global Technical Operations Manager at Amazon Web Services

3:55- 5:00

Name of the Symposium: Experience Sharing, Dreams and Dreamers


  • Eng.Ashraf Alyazouri, CEO and co-founder of VISION PLUS


  • Mr.Abduallah AbuHashem, Master’s Degree in Social Internet Science at Oxford University
  • Mr.Ahmed Sbeata, Founder and Ceo of Sbeata Academy and social media star
  • Eng.Rami Al-Ajrami, Senior manager at Samsung Electronics.
  • Eng. Soha Qishawi, Software engineering associate manager, Orion, Backup Flight Software