Ashraf Al-Astal

Founder and Managing Director, 1plus1 Business Consulting

A leading expert with a solid background in the fields of FinTech, Blockchains, and eCommerce and over +20 years of experience in Cellular Telecom and Entrepreneurship Sectors with pixel perfection performance supported by an MBA in Business Administration and B.Sc. in Computer Engineering in addition to multiple professional certificates in the fields of Project Management, Computer Networks and Blockchain Technology. Founding member of Innovation Support Network in Palestine. Also, he is having an international recognition and senior memberships from multiple organizations and initiatives; and representing Palestine as a national expert of UN-based digital contest; World Summit Awards. Moreover, he has participated as a judge for many national and international digital initiatives, and has been awarded multiple prizes for his outstanding performance. His achievements include also academic and research papers and books. Currently, he is working as a Technical/Business Development Advisor and as a Visiting Lecturer in the national universities.


16 December 2021 ICT CONFERENCE - Gaza

Name of the Symposium: The Fusion and the Coalition of the Financial Sector into the ICT Sector

The Future of FinTech and Catapulting this Sector towards Success.


  • Eng. Ashraf Al-Astal, Founder and Managing Director, 1plus1 Business Consulting


  • Dr.Seif Aldeen Ouda, Head of The Monetary Policy and Financial Markets At The Monetary Auth.
  • Mr.Abdel Al-Fatah Al-Shorafa, Commercial Manager-Jawwal
  • Eng.Hadi Qussa, Assistant General Manager & IT Manager – PalPay
  • Dr.Kamal Almasri, Director of Smart Government Department
  • Eng. Hammam Alnabahin, PITA board Members and CEO of Nepras for Media&IT