Mr. Ibrahim Khammash

CEO of Jawwal Pay

14 years of extensive practical experience in managing several leadership and strategic positions in the Palestinian Telecommunications Company - Jawwal. A graduate of An-Najah National University majoring in Information Technology, he is currently the CEO of Jawwal Pay.

12:45 – 02:00

16 December 2021 ICT CONFERENCE - West Bank

Symposium 3: The Fusion and the Coalition of the Financial Sector into The ICT Sector.

The Future of FinTech and Catapulting this Sector towards Success.


  • Mr. Mohammad Khabesa; Editor in Chief of Al-Iqtisadi.


  • Mr. Ibrahim Khammash, CEO of Jawwal Pay.
  • Mr. Eyad Zeitawi, Executive Director of Financial Stability Group in PMA.
  • Mr. Muaweiya Qawasmi, CEO of PAL PAY.
  • Mr. Zaid Jerab, VP Head of Strategy and Digital Transformation Division at Quds Bank.