Dr.Mohammed Abdulati

Prof. at Electrical Engineering Department - IUG.

Dr. Abdelati got his B.Sc. degree in the Power Systems in 1990, his M.Sc. in the Communication Systems in 1992, and his Ph.D. degree in ATM Networks in1997.  While working as an academician in various universities at deferent countries, he kept an eye on technology evolution and market needs. At late nineties, Gaza witnessed big investments in industry while local expertise in industrial automation where scares. Dr. Abdelati was a pioneer in that area. He attended an intensive course in Industrial automation in Jordan and switched his teaching and research interests to that promising field. He addressed many practical problems which concern the local community. For example, he designed and implemented PLC-based automation systems of many filling machines and water pumping stations.  Having passion in microcontrollers and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) design, he succeeded to build simple custom devices that resolve automation issues. For example, in 2004 he created a smart photo capture device that automates issuing ID cards. In 2006, he got the chance to be part of the first SCADA project implemented in Gaza Strip for the New Terminal Pumping Station. He designed the SCADA network, identified necessary components, implemented the SCADA software, prepared the user manual, and conducted the Capacity building of public employees in the water sector. In 2009 he was part of the North Gaza Emergency Sewage Treatment Effluent Recovery and Irrigation Scheme Project. He led the local team who prepared the preliminary design documents of the power and control system.

By 2010, demand on Energy backup systems expanded dramatically. Therefore, He started to focus on power electronics, PV systems, smart grids. He conducted several applied research topics that ended with running devices which have significant educational and laboratory values. For example, he designed and built a fuel save controller, a modified sinewave inverter, a maximum power point tracing PV charger, a 3-stage switched mode battery charger, and a smart PV battery protection device.

Recently, he was hired to resolve the synchronization problem of the 675KW PV system with backup generators at in the Southern Governorates Desalination Plant (SGDP).

Dr. Abdelati supervised many award-winning projects, taught more than 25 different courses, published 2 books and several technical papers.  He is a fellow of DAAD, Fulbright, and Alexander von Humboldt foundations through which he conducted many projects and scientific visits to USA and Germany. Meanwhile, he lives in Gaza works as a professor at the engineering faculty of IUG and lectures IoT and PLC courses.