Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh

Prime minister of the Palestinian national authority

Dr. Ishaq Sider

Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology

Mr. Ammar Aker


Dr. Amjed Ghanim

Secretary General of the Palestinian Council of Ministers.

Dr. Feras Milhem

The Governor of Palestinian Monitory Authority

Mr. Mohammad Khabesa

Editor-in-chief of the Al-Iqtisadi.

Mr. Muawiah Qawasmi

CEO of Pal Pay

Mr.Eyad Zeitawi

Executive Director of the Financial Stability Group in PMA

Mr. Musa Hadid

Mayor of Ramallah

Mrs. Samia Jubran Totah

Co-Founder and CEO of Bisan Systems LTD.

Mr. Tamer Baransi

Commercial Director at BCI

Mr. Salah Hidmi

CEO of Quds Bank.

Dr. Durgham Maraee

CEO of Ooredoo Palestine

Prof. Hossam Haick

Head of LNBD Labs at Technion - IITT

Mr. Jehad Shakhshir

Head for the e-Governance Programme in Palestine and MENA region (INDIGO) of (GIZ)

Mr. Ibrahim Khammash

CEO of Jawwal Pay

Dr. Safa Nassereldin 

Presidential Secretary-General of Al-Quds University

Mr. Zaid Jerab

VP Head pf Strategy and Digital Transformation Division at Quds Bank.

Mr. Adham Ghazali

Co-Founder of Imagry

Eng. Michael Younan

CEO and President of Good Shepherd Engineering.

Mr. Luay Amin Al-Qattow

CEO of Al-Ameen Tech

Mrs. Linda Njoom

Marketing and Communications Manager/ Call U Telecom.

Mr. Saeed Zeidan

CEO of Ultimit Advanced Turnkey Solutions

Mr. Talaat Alawi

Chief Editors of Al-Raqeeb Economic Media Network

Mr. Ashraf Bader

INCUBE Palestine Director